Saturday, July 31, 2010

the big little house

It's been an epic week. Besides the embryo transfer on Monday, my man's house has been under renovation for a crazy long time. Like 8 yrs. It's only 800 square feet. So we've progressed at the alarmingly slow rate of 100 square feet a year. Clearly a snail can move faster. Today, the inside is complete. Tomorrow, a renter moves in, someone who will hopefully love the place, as opposed to us, who loved it but trust me we did our share of swearing -- at it, and at each other. My favorite moments were in the beginning, like the demolition part... using a crowbar and sledeghammer; truly out with the old, in with the new. And the time he enlisted me to dive under the house to weld plumbing in 2' of space, in the dirt, with flames and gas and metal. The day he tested the system, he waited for me at home, with the movie "Das Boot" on. That's the one about the submarine. He had it queued to the part where all the pipes in the sub start bursting, water everywhere. Yes, there were a few leaks in our plumbing at the start.

He really knew how to woo me. He DID woo me here. In front of the fire, in the window seat, on the old plaid couch, at the dinner table, with candles and his famous feta fresh tomato pasta.

Now we finally have a place that's ours, both of ours, that really feels like home.

and maybe, we'll actually have time to spend there now!!

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