Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game on! An embryo finds a home.

Yes, I’m bloated, and yes, I’m on drugs, and yes, it’s all good.

The embryo transfer happened yesterday. Two 3-day old embryos, not perfect but good. I was needled by the acupuncturist before and after. My man and I held hands behind the nurses back, as the jellied sonogram tool revealed a map to the embryos’ new home -- out of the petri dish and into my belly.

I stayed home, gorged myself by watching MadMen eating warm foods (good) followed by an ice cream sandwich (not so good).

What’s my mantra?


Whatever happens is as it should be.
Whatever happens will be a new beginning.
Whatever happens happens, and then there will be something else that happens.

Basically, I’m giving up control. Call me a bad embryo oven, but I’ve had sips of wine (eee gads!) and even some decaf (yikes). But I am, at the core, as good as I can be and stay sane. Meditation helps, in the midst of a remodel, a refinance, changes at work and changes in my body. Here's who I listen to-- http://belleruthnaparstek.com

Here’s to a healthy, engaged version of whatever!


  1. "embryo oven" that's a great term! It's certainly how we feel during the process ... at least at times. Wishing you LOTS of luck ... and certainly sending prayers your way for success.

  2. I am thinking warm, embryo-growing thoughts for you.

  3. thinking of you and sending you warm, good thoughts and embryo - growing vibes :) so good seeing you the other night!