Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sounds of change

no! I have not disappeared. At mom's place, dealing with a bathroom water leak, and now I"m home, packing packing packing and ... well, packing.

Three burly men will help us drag too much stuff on Saturday to the new place.

We're all nostalgic already. Lest I forget some of the sounds of home -- here's a few:

1. squirrel feet running across the roof, and FAST.
2. the sounds of the park: "Fido, SIT. I said SIT. FIDO, SIT!!!! FIDO I SAID COME HERE!!!! " Fido never seemes to want to listen!
3. the dove, cooing every morning
4. the boom of fireworks on special game nights
5. the australian coaches with their cute accents teaching little kids sports
6. the sound of snails being crushed on the wooden walkway by people feet.
7. kids chatting on their way to school.
8. doggie arguments, ruff ruff.
9. the high sounds of terns in the park in the middle of the night
10. the dependable sound of the train, every morning.
11. Mariachi music at Mexican weddings; old, sometimes bad, rock and roll for the baseball games.
12. bits and pieces of a gazillion conversations as people walk, run, skate and stroll by.

time to make way for new sounds
and new beginnings!

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