Wednesday, April 28, 2010


She's amazing, my friend M. Single mom, 2 kids, horse lover and country music dancer. She has breast cancer. Or more accurately, she HAD breast cancer. Diagnosed last year, she's lost one breast, and had many rounds of radiation. When I saw her walk up the stairs, after not seeing her for two years (while she faced her cancer and I faced my miscarriage), we held on to each other, just holding and holding. I was so grateful to see her sunny face, I cried.

I extended my visit to stay with her, mistakenly thinking her breast reconstruction surgery was the following day (it was the next week). When her son found out, he said,

"Mommy, did she stay to take care of you?"
"Yes, Tyler".
"Tell her thank you."
"Yes, Tyler -- I did say thank you."
"No mommy, I mean tell her thank you from TYLER!".

It's these moments with children that really bring up the love quotient. It's these moments I crave. It's these moments that make we want to have my own children.

And M, bless her heart, offered to be a surrogate for our embryos. Can you believe her!! I'm in love with M, with her big heart, her blonde hair, her horse tatoo, her lat muscle that is now her pec muscle. Of course, the surrogacy won't work -- estrogen is the LAST thing her body needs right now. But as they say, it's the thought that counts. And what a giving, generous, inspiring thought that is.

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