Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vegas, baby.

My infertility is like a trip to Las Vegas. Whenever I start a cycle I can't help but hope... "this is the one!" or the ever popular "I feel lucky" (especially when the embryo transfer is on 9/9/09, a VERY lucky day... in China). But each subsequent trip to infertility/Vegas means higher stakes. And for me, disappointment. Followed by I-can-do-it rallying and thumbs-upness. Move from IUI to IVF with donor eggs? More money, more invasive, but it will work. IVF/Donor eggs to Gestational carrier? Way more money, farther from my own body, but worth it. Adoption? (you get the idea). It's hard to know when to stop gambling.. oops, I mean hoping. But I keep going back, the eternal optimist.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my Blog... You hang in there sweetie!! Optimism is a great thing to have... even today I still have it, I hold on for dear life!!