Tuesday, March 30, 2010

beauty, meaning and openness

With my camera, I open a new, different window to the world. I love travel photography, and find the camera opens me to new ways of looking and observing and offers new and deeper ways of understanding the people I meet.

I started photography innocently. I said I wanted to photograph “beauty”. Then, I wanted to photograph “meaning.” Now, I just try to be open. I’ve let go of searching for beauty, realizing it’s only one of so many interesting and revealing facets of life.

When I reviewed some of my recent photos I had to laugh. I now see how photography is also a window into my soul. I told my husband, “I think I’m in my dark period.” hmmm, I guess there's no denying the miscarriage must have had an effect.

Today, I am drawn to the lone tree, to light and shapes of what emerges out of the darkness. I am drawn to rootedness, which sometimes feels elusive. I love the quietness of the night, and photographing while others sleep – and then seeing the same places in the brightness and busyness of the day.

Today is my birthday, and I am good. I am happy to have an amazing husband and a group of friends who celebrate life, make me laugh and are basically really, really good people. As my blue t-shirt says: life is good.


  1. Happy birthday!!! I love that photograph, too.

  2. Sure is a window to the soul. The photographs are beautiful, but more than that, they are your experience. Happy Birthday!