Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Story #1

Twenty five fantastic friends (and mom) helped us break in the new house for the holidays. Anyone who knows us knows we can be late for even our own parties. At 7 pm, when the doorbell rang (30 minutes early) I yelled “still naked! Be right out!” After our wonderful Christmas eve party, we were utterly exhausted Christmas day. We slept in, and made salmon toast appetizers for our Christmas Day dinner at a H and R’s house, where we happily gorged on crab. Yum.

By that evening, 8 pm felt like 3 in the morning. My husband, mom and I barely made it in the door before we stripped and put on our jammies RIGHT when the phone rang. Our new next door neighbors called to say they’d been watching for our car so they could come by and wish us a happy holiday. SOOO nice, really. I missed them the day before so was glad to see them in spite of feeling like a tired blubbermouth.

They brought a gift, some wine (white). “We don’t drink, so I hope this is OK,” she said. “It’s perfect!”. After being in a gift exchange the night before with some fine gifts as well as an old used book, I was leary of the wine, understandably. We enjoyed some time together, and the next day, while making chicken cacciatore (which called for white wine) I thought why not use the wine from last night? A 1997 chardonnay (who keeps chardonnay for a decade?? Or more???). Clearly that wine was something somebody gave them that’s been stashed in a closet for years. We tasted it – almost a bit thick, deep honey color, bit sweet, little acidic, with a bad cork. “Is it going to ruin the cacciatore?” I asked.

Today, we looked it up on line.
Apparently, I don’t know what really expensive wine tastes like.  The magnum is worth $300, and this – only $115. Ouch! 

Today, I am thankful for:
  • being surprised
  • my husband at my side christmas morning
  • croissants from williams sonoma, also on christmas morning
  • artificial christmas trees (that's another story)
  • little girls singing in front of the tree
  • friends, and all their loud chatting and laughing filling up my house
  • my new neighbors
  • you -- who read this blog! thanks for your support, and I'll be writing more in the New Year! Wishing you love.

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  1. Oh my Gawsh! I hope that you got to enjoy a couple glasses of this super fancy wine. I do like to drink wine, but usually it is the cheap stuff from TJ's. We have some friends though that are super into wine, They even have a monthly wine budget to purchase 'wine for now' and 'wine for later' that they store in their wine cabinet. Too bad that I don't have a wine budget that I can divert to IF treatment costs. HA!

    SOunds like you had a nice Christmas, and hoepfully your New YEars celebrations were just as much fun.

    Take care :)